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 The Northern Ontario Exports Program

We provide resources, financial assistance, and targeted training to help export-ready small and medium enterprises from Northern Ontario kick open the doors to new markets.


We empower companies to sell beyond Ontario’s borders

Supporting the growth and diversification of Northern Ontario’s economy since 2011.

The Northern Ontario Exports Program is founded on advancing company success through trade. Inspired by their growth ambitions and world-class products and services, we support companies in Northern Ontario to access new markets. By providing our companies with training and funding, they develop the skills and implement the activities needed to diversify their customer base and drive new sales outside of Ontario. By growing through trade, Northern Ontario’s small and medium enterprises protect and grow employment and strengthen their communities.


Our Program

Would your company like to grow its sales across Canada or around the world?

The Northern Ontario Exports Program is here to help. We have been helping small and medium-sized enterprises grow their business since 2011. Learn more about the programs we deliver across Northern Ontario.


Export Marketing Assistance                    Customized Export Development & Training                           Trade Missions


Our Results

We are a pan-Northern program for companies with global potential

Conditional contribution grants, training, and strategic initiatives are boosting Northern Ontario’s capacity to grow through trade. Explore our 2020 – 2024 results below.

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Companies Engaged

Funding Provided

New Jobs Created

Long-Term Projected Sales


The Northern Ontario Exports Program


The Northern Ontario Exports Program is a pan-northern initiative designed to assist Northern Ontario based SME’s take advantage of global opportunities and to “kick open the doors” to new markets for the innovative products and services that Northern Ontario Companies have to offer.




“Since 2011, the Northern Ontario Exports Program has provided companies like Maestro Digital Mine with resources and funding valuable at every stage of export development.”
Michael Gribbons, President, CEO & Co-founder, Maestro Digital Mine, Sudbury